FONA establishes ties with Friends of the National Archives

The latest edition of the newsletter of the Friends of the National Archives announces the following news:

 Friends of the National Archives and the Friends of Nottinghamshire Archives (FONA) have recently entered into a reciprocal honorary membership.  This is a new scheme launched by FTNA, aimed at building links with the friends of local record offices.  It is a simple arrangement which allows us to exchange information, newslettters, and details of events; as well as to keep a watchful eye on opportunities for collaboration or partnership working.

If you live in the Nottinghamshire area, or use the archives there, then you might like to check out the FONA website at We are also placing some FONA newsletters and membership forms in the Friends’ Lounge at Kew.

FTNA is keen to establish links with the friends of other record offices, so if you have any contacts who might be interested in entering into a similar arrangement to share information and expertise, then please ask them to contact Simon Gregor, FTNA Outreach Coordinator, via