The Friends of Nottinghamshire Archives (FONA) was established in 2012 to promote the work of Nottinghamshire Archives in supporting, sustaining and preserving the rich documentary heritage of the county.

FONA has different cateogories of membership and is run by a small voluntary committee, for which nominations are invited in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

Membership of FONA provides opportunities to share the enjoyment of documents and archives through a range of activities and benefits:

  • Supporting the work of Nottinghamshire Archives in preserving the county’s rich heritage.
  • Invitations to members’ events, talks and visits.
  • Reserved places at talks organised by Nottinghamshire Archives (5 free places available).
  • Full colour newsletter sent out three-times a year

Friends raise funds, through meetings and subscriptions, to help acquire material and equipment for the Archives office. Details of past FONA activities may be found in our newsletters.


This new release: ‘Lockdown 2020: the first 100 days’ is the first book to be produced by the Friends of Nottinghamshire Archives (FONA).  Beautifully illustrated, it comprises extracts from diaries written by 13 Nottinghamshire residents, capturing ordinary life during the first Lockdown.

2020 will be remembered as a time when society changed. Institutional records and the news media will document the major social and economic consequences of Coronavirus, but the everyday consequences for people, as they learn to adapt to the effect of COVID 19, will be less well recorded.

This book aims, in a small way, to plug that gap. It brings together the experiences of a group of Nottinghamshire people as they begin to adapt to the restrictions imposed on them from 23 March 2020. It reveals the spirit with which they met the new challenges and their determination to make the best of this new way of living.

It highlights both the sadness of not being able to meet – and touch – friends and family and a growing appreciation of the environment and nature, often bringing into focus small things, previously taken for granted. It gives them a voice which perhaps otherwise would not have been heard.

The book costs £4.50 plus postage. For details of how to buy your copy, please email chair@fona.org.uk


The latest issue (June 2022) of the FONA Newsletter is now available for downloading.

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